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Student Ministry Director

Reuben Antvelink, Student Ministry Director

I was raised in a small town in West Michigan. I grew up in a small country church and was brought to anything and everything the church offered. As I headed into high school I began to feel a tug towards ministry but didn’t know where to put that energy. I landed at a small camp outside of my town that reached people across Michigan. It was there where my passion for bringing the Hope of the Gospel to people truly grew. 

When it was time for college I headed north to Kuyper College, a small college in Grand Rapids Michigan. It was a formative time as I was given opportunities to use my gifts in different ways, which allowed me to spend a summer out “west” in South Dakota working for an amazing ministry that had me stationed near Mount Rushmore. I did my best to try a hand at most anything that came my way, adventure called but little did I realize how far that would take me. In the Spring of 2014 I applied and was ultimately accepted to Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. While in Seminary I pursued a Masters and also had a host of jobs, which allowed me to work in and around the community of Jackson. The city of Jackson became a second home and for over six years I  attended classes, did ministry and was adopted by an amazing city. While in Seminary I did a host of jobs but one of them was as a Student Ministry Director for a small church. It was here my passion for youth grew and my heart began to yearn for teenagers to see the beauty and the strength that came from embracing the Gospel.

 I graduated from RTS in the spring of 2019 and then in the fall of 2019 I met my now wife at an art market. She was selling amazing drawings and prints, while I was delivering pastries from a bakery I worked for at the time. As I tried to search for where God was leading me, then March of 2020 hit and everything changed. I reached out to friends and family in ministry. Through my search to show support for friends across the country God opened a door to introduce me to this church. So in September of 2020 I packed all my things and drove across the country to move here, Kent, WA. It’s been an amazing journey of growth these past few years. I am excited for what God is doing at New Hope and in the community of Kent.

If I’m not at work you can often find me playing board games, going to concerts, hiking or trying something new in the food world. I am curious by nature and God’s creation is never short of things to learn about. I hope to meet you on Sunday. 

Ministry Development Coordinator

CYNthia Dix

Worship Music Coordinator

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Director of Music Ministries

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Administration Assistant

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